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Full Moon in Aries

Aries Full Moon, Sept 29th, 2023, 11:57 CET am (Reading is done in Tropical Zodiac)

Key Themes: Rebirth, Honouring our Ancestors, Burning or revitalising relationships

The full Moon in Aries and Pitru Paksha -the Hindu 16 lunar day holiday of honouring our ancestors begins tomorrow.

Aries ruler Mars is currently only 3 degrees from Ketu (south node) in Libra. Sun is also in Libra where it is debilitated. Mars is known to be a hot planet and so is Ketu, In Jyotish this combination is known to lead to explosive behaviours and sudden and extreme happenings.

With Libra having all this “action” and “hot” planets, along with Libra’s ruler Venus which is in Leo ruled by the Sun- there is a lot of heat in our relationships! The full Moon in Aries goes along with this heat and fire…but with all fire, it can destroy or it can purify.

Full moons are the culmination of things and sometimes that brings endings but it can also be the beginning of something new. Think of the woman’s body when it is completely in tune with nature, she will bleed on new Moon days and give birth on a full Moon. Can we say birth is a kind of death?…well yes in a way it is- we have had the death of the environment of the warm and secure womb to be born (again) into this world. However, I did use this example of giving birth- as to show that this is the power of the full Moon. It’s at its highest potency. If something is not meant to be, the Moon will take it away from you and it will also birth in people, situations and things into life too.

Pitru Paksha is a time where we honour our ancestors who have left this world and some pray for them to be reborn again soon. Any births around this time in your family could be one of your ancestors returning back to your family on earth. Even if you are not Hindu, it is a great time to think about your ancestors, speak to them, offer them food and incense. The air is thin during this time, so communicating with your loved ones which have moved on will be much easier. Meditations can lead to big downloads when you ask your ancestors to assist you.

offering for pitru paksha
offering for pitru paksha

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