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Tashi’s Education and Training that lead her to master Tantra Massage

Catering to her curious interest in the human mind and our desires, Tashi obtained a bachelors degree in psychology in the United States after she travelled to India fresh eyed and finding the spiritual side of life in India.

Tashi’s knowledge has grown from many years of specialised training around the world

Tashi spent 6 months in Thailand learning Thai Massage, Thai Oil Massage, Aromatherapy at Wat Po, and also learned Reiki and crystal healing. She went to India four more times to learn Ayurvedic massage and took a short course in Marma massage, practised Kundalini, Ashtanga and Shanti Hatha yoga styles and most importantly got initiated into Tantra. In Europe she learned many western modalities of massage and of course Tantra massage which came very naturally to her.

Between these long stints immersed in the cultures responsible for her practises and knowledge, she worked as a massage therapist in spas all around Europe. Displeased with the rigid control of working in a spa, Tashi decided to start her own mobile Massage companies in Berlin. She has websites for Berlin, Cannes, and now is branching off to more cities- Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Performing her Tantric sadhana and following the teachings has brought Tantra into Tashi’s daily life and work

Even though, Tantra massage falls under Neo-Tantra which is something very different from the religion, her experience with Tantra the religion, her knowledge of the energetic system in the body and her ability to be a Tantric medium adds a unique and divine touch to her Tantra massage. 

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