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Tashi's Tantrikas
Luxury Outcall Tantra Massage to Hotels in Berlin

Abby Tantra Therapist Berlin


 Classically trained dancer, Yogi and now Tantric massage therapist,  Abby has an erray of talents which are translated into her Tantra massage.Abby went to Bali in 2018 and met her first Tantra massage mentor Satyarthi Prateek who took her under his wing. Abby helped run his Tantra massage courses in Bali for a year and half and learned everything she could from his mastery of Tantra massage.


​For the last 1 1/2 she has been working for Tashi, giving an excellent Tantra Massage that results in many satisfied and repeat clientele.


Uma tantra healer berlin


Uma has been an artist most of her life, making dolls in the Ukraine and putting on exhibitions and workshops around Russia and Japan. She studied Yoga for 7 years at the Federation of Yoga Ukraine and learnt Akido for 5 years. Through these ancient traditons she also became naturally drawn to Tantra Massage. She has been working with Tantra Massage for the last two years and is thrilled to discover her healing abilities and to be able to share them.

With her excellent communication skills and soft heart, it is promised she will fly you into bliss.

Lila Tantra healer berlin


Lila has a long history of being a dancer and healer. Beginning at age 18 she went to school for oriental dance and practiced yoga. In later years, she went to Paris and studied ballet and started teaching dance then. Six years ago she began her journey into the sacred art of Tantra where she studied with many teachers in the Ukraine and Europe. She also worked very closely with Shamanic teachers to understand the importance of rituals and ceremony. She now conducts Tantric dance classes and has worked for Tashi for the last year giving Tantra massage ceremonies to give the Tantra session a profound and spiritual experience for her lucky clients. 

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