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New Tantra Massage website for Berlin is finally up!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

During Corona times I was not able to give tantra massage in Berlin very often

The local regulations decided that massage was too risky at that time. I had also made my website back in 2014-2015 so I was in a definite need to update my new tantra massage website.

During corona times, I also dove deeper into my Tantra studies.

I belong to a Tibetian Buddhist monastery in Germany and received an initiation into the Highest Yoga Tantra in 2019. During lockdown, I started having very powerful dreams, and my spiritual guides directed me to begin the practice. Through this practice, I learned many occult secrets and became more involved in my Tibetian tantric studies.

I have therefore decided to change the name of my site. The URL is staying the same - but my name is changing from Sodasi to Tashi. After all, Tashi is the name my family called me since I was a little girl and still many close friends call me Tashi. On top, I took Praktimokshi vows (layperson vows) and I was given the name Sherab Tashi.

To describe a little about what happens in a Tantra massage session with me.

What happens in a Tantra Massage session

I hope this will help you to understand what happens in a Tantra massage session. My tantra massage sessions are a great way to get you back into your body and spirit. When I first meet you at your hotel in Berlin, we will start out by discussing what you would like to get out of your tantra massage session.

Whether you are looking to explore Tantra massage for personal growth or only for personal pleasure we can discuss in what ways the tantra massage session can help you. At this time, I will also tell you about Tantra and Neo Tantra and how this massage can help you feel more attuned with your body, mind and spirit.

The first stage of the Tantra massage Session

At the start of the massage, the most important thing is that you are relaxed and breathing from your stomach. This ensures that you do not have shallow breathing ( breathing with your chest). I will guide you in making deep belly breathes as this is way the body relaxes.

After this, I pray upon your chakras and connect with the goddess. Then I open your energy channels in the front of your torso and slowly bring your sexual energy up. I work upon your arms, your legs and your whole front of your body. This part of the massage is very energetic. It is also the most important stage because this is where you get accustomed to the Tantric energy that is occurring.

The Second stage of the Tantra Massage Session

This is where the erotism begins. I use essential oils on different energetic points in your body to awaken these points and your senses. Many of my clients claim this is there favourite part as they never knew that their knee or elbow could feel so erotic. After this, I begin opening your energetic channels on the back side of your body and create an energetic wave that circles your whole body. At this stage, there is a lot of excitement, so feel free to move around and groan. Most important is to work with the energy! After creating an energetic wave and opening the channels, I do long, full body strokes all around your body. I stop in areas that feel tense and remove your blockages. When you have requested that you want a prostate massage, I begin the prostate massage by slowly and gently opening up this tender area.

Final Stage of the Tantra Massage Session

After all your channels are opened and your senses ignited- I then begin the Lingam Massage. Orgasm is not the goal of the massage, it is however a very joyful experience that can happen at the end of your massage if you choose.

Please communicate with me during this process as I will bring your sexual energy very high and then lower it. We do this three times until either you are ready to have a full body Tantric orgasm or do the Big draw.

After the massage is finished, you will feel much lighter, clear and calm. We will discuss the massage together and how you can adept this knew knowledge into your personal and sexual life.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please send me a message or call me directly at +49 152 28321111.

With blessings,


Tashi's Tantra Massage in Berlin is a luxury Tantra massage service in Berlin, Germany
Tashi's Tantra Massage In Berlin- New Website!


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