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Sensual Massage in Berlin

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Sensual massage in Berlin is a unique sensual massage service

Are you looking to completely relax, get rid of stress and having a massage that will completely rejuvenate you? My tantra massage is a full body sensual massage that is slow, soothing and relaxes your whole body. I am able to release muscle tension and stress in the mind which has been blocking your sensual energy.

Sensual massage in Berlin by Tashi is an excellent way to experience erotic pleasure and fully reap all the benefits of a conventional massage. Your energies wlll feel renewed after getting a sensual massage in Berlin.

What is a Sensual Massage ?

A sensual massage a type of massage treatment that completely relaxes your body, ignites your 5 senses and uses sensual elements. Tantra massage falls under the category of sensual massage because it uses caring touch and uses the sensual energy in a correct way to be expressed.

Sensual massage like conventional massages is excellent to reduce stress, increase circulation, relieves muscle tension, improves quality of sleep, strengthens your immune system and helps you recover faster after fitness training.

Sensual massage is also massage that creates a certain setting, usually done in a dim room with candlelight, soft music and aromatherapy, this environment helps you relax and feel at ease.

What Happens during a sensual massage?

As a tantra massage therapist, I always using tantric principles in all my massages. So my sensual massage is a tantra massage. I take you on a sensual journey that will put you in complete bliss and let you forget all about your worries.

I always speak with my clients before the massage session and ask them where they are at right now and what they think they need. Once I get the information, I know what type of sensual massage they need.

Sensual massage is sensual in nature but also has spiritual elements. By relaxing a person, doing energetic work on their body this allows them to achieve a mental state that is full of peace and ease.

I will always explain the process of the massage to you so you know what to expect. You can also give me preference on how much pressure you would like me to use or if you have any aching muscle groups you would like me to concentrate on.

I will massage you from head to toe, incorporating many different massage strokes, pressure and pressure points. I use all natural oils which also leave your skin feeling silky and nourished.

The last part of the massage ends in a Lingam massage. As a tantric healer and tantric masseuse, I am very good at bring your sexual energy very high and then lowering it which creates a wave around your body. You can have an orgasm or you can choose to see the energy in your body and we do the big draw. Both choices are excellent for you and have their own benefits.

How to Choose the Right Therapist for a Sensual Massage

I always say trust your gut. Look on his or her website and see if she has done any massage training. How does her website read- it is personal or more business? How long has she been working?

Once you chose the therapist you want to work with, make sure that you communicate your needs to her. If you have been going through a difficult time, let her know that you are in extra need of relaxation.

A sensual massage therapist should be understanding, a good listener and most importantly a good body- worker. Good body workers are ones which can feel the tensions in your body and want to relive you of them.

Booking a Tantra Massage In Berlin

Discover a unique tantra massage service in Berlin. Enjoy a slow, sensual and spiritual massage that will leave you rejuvenated.

At Tashi’s Tantra Massage In Berlin you learn more about yourself and go to new depths in your sexuality Feeling the way the sexual energies flow in your body teaches you to be a fully embodied being and widens your perspective on your sexual energy. Removing energetic blocks, this massage allows your powerful sexual energy to fun freely in a healthy and holistic way.

Profession and sincere, my goal is to provide you with a sensual tantra massage that will leave you completely relaxed, revitalised and with very sweet memories. My mobile tantric massage caters to hotels and homes in berlin. Discover a sensual tantra massage that you will never forget.

All yourself this gift of going on this incredibly sensual and sacred journey into a sensual tantra massage.

Call Tashi today at + 49 152 28321111

Tashi Tantric Sensual Massage Berlin
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