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Tantra Massage in Berlin by Tashi

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Tantra Massage also known as Tantra massage is a wonderful healing, sensual and spiritual massage.

Please read below for the different experiences you can have when you get a tantra massage with me in Berlin. Tantra massage has been a buzz word now and is a popular among main stream culture. Everyone has heard about tantric sex but most people don’t really know what it’s really about.

This article is a short example of all the ways tantric massage can help you in short, very easily readable sentences. Everyones experience varies a little bit, but everyone I have given a tantra massage to experienced many of these!

I also clarify what a tantra massage is about, who it is for and how you can experience it. Enjoy this reading journey. I look forward to giving you a tantra massage session in Berlin.

Tantra massage is a magical place where your mind and body can heal itself in a deep relaxed state. Long rhythmic stokes from head to foot put you in a place of bliss. Your mind, body and soul and realign leaving you feel wholeness again.

Tantra Massage in Berlin by Tashi is a sensual journey that brings your inner radiance back into your life.

It is nourishing to your body and soul. It cleanses and recharges you with positive vibrations that leave you shiny, inspired and radiating love and calmness.

Tantra Massage is about honouring your inner self and your beautiful sexual energy. It is a time for yourself to explore how your energy runs in your body beautifully, free from blockages.

Tantra massage is about loving your body. Rediscovering its hidden secrets and desires. It is about exploring this in a safe and secure environment.

Tantra massage in Berlin by Tashi is a full body experience and progresses to get more and more intense thought out the treatment.

Watch your sexual energy rise and fall during the whole tantra massage session and experience the bliss.

Tantric massage is about communicating with your inner-self. The soft touch I do in my tantra massage sessions, triggers the deep memories from within which remember your true brilliant nature.

Tantric massage begins can help with supporting someone with a new relationship or getting over one which just ended.

Tantric Massage builds confidence and self-esteem and allows for people to learn how to be more intimate with their partners.

Tantric Massage can help transform toxic and destructive relationship patterns and let the person see what triggers them sexually. Heart-centered relationships can bear new fruit and a person can become more in tune with what they really want.

Tantra Massage in Berlin by Tashi is about embracing sexual expression and intimacy. It is about embracing your authentic self in your sexuality.

Tantric massage is about cultivating new sexual habits and techniques which can help relieve performance related anxiety and intimacy problems.

Tantra massage is a learning how to experience full body orgasms by not rushing to ejaculate. It about expanding the full body to become an erogenous zone and involving the full body in this pleasure experience.

Tantra massage is for people of all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages including seniors and people with disabilities.

Tantra massage awakens your subtle energy system and allows your senses to flow freely. It awakens your innate sexual energy which has been held latent and suppressed.

Tantra massage teaches your how to reframe your sexual responses by being patient, allowing yourself to feel your whole body during the treatment and not worry about performance.

Tantra massage can revitalise your relationship with your partner. You will become a better lover, transform your intimate life by learning to take time with your partner and listen to them.

Tantric massage is the ultimate escape from all your troubles and pressures in your life. It is a safe escape into the essence of your body and soul.

Tantric massage can release old patterns of fear, shame and guilt which get stuck in the body. By breathing exercises and the body massage, these blockages come up to be recognised and released.

Tantric massage connects your heart to your sexual energy. Many times we separate these things which leads us to being fragmented in our sexuality and lives. Tantra massage can bring back the inner connection between all their energy centres (chakras) in their bodies and different major areas of the body.

Tantra massage is for people who want to feel alive again in their bodies. They want to transform guilt and shame into joy and bliss.

Tantra massage is an art. It takes a wonderful massage therapists to perform it with an open heart, skill and intuition on what the client needs. Pick your tantric massage professional carefully.

Tantra massage is for curious people. Tantra massage is a way to explore your sexuality in your body which may have been laying dormant. It is a new experience and takes courage to explore this new vibrant sexual side of yourself!

Tantra massage can make you seem more attractive to future partners. After learning more about your body and the pleasure that it carries, you exude confidence that is irresistible.

Tantric massage is about finding your inner power. You become a fully embodied human being, realising your orgasm potential, your ability to relate to others and your own body.

Tantra massage is an authentic sensual body treatment that you must come in with an open mind and heart. Most importantly, its about coming with the right intention to heal. I will only take clients who have a correct intention.

Tantric massage is about developing consciousness around sexuality. It's not about fast food sex or porn. The energy in a tantra massage is completely different then this!

Tantra massage is about developing empathy for yourself and for your partners. In order to have healthy romantic relationships, it is vital to be aware of your partners needs, sexual needs and its important to be aware and careful with them.

Tantra massage can help men who want to learn to control their ejaculation. Tantric massage helps men learn to feel these sensations all around their body and not feel the sexual sensations only in their penis. The whole body is massaged and become excited during the tantra massage-your stomach, your thigh and your earlobe can become just as stimulated and erogenous as your lingam.

Tantric massage sessions with me can teach you techniques that you can bring into your personal life. I can teach you tantric breathing techniques, how to practice mindful masturbation, how to sleep and wake correctly and how to relate to the opposite sex for more success in your sexual lives.

Tantra massage sessions with me in Berlin can be done at hotels, in the privacy of your home or in the privacy of my own flat in Kreuzberg. Advance notice is very much advised to get the time you need.

Tantra massage sessions with me in Berlin can bring you new clarity to your mind, body and spirit. At the beginning of every session we will have a short consultation where we discuss what is going on with you. Why you chose to get a tantra massage, whats happening in your life both sexually and personally right now which is affecting your sexual life and emotional well-being.

Tantra massage is for both men and women in solo sessions and couple sessions. Both are relevant and have their benefits.

Tantra massage is for couples who want to revive their sexual lives together in a therapeutic setting that is still intimate with a tantra massage professional. It is a great way to bring back trust, hear each others desire without judgement and learn more about your partner that you knew before.

Tantra massage is for people with all cultural backgrounds and religions. Tantra can be healing for anyone regardless of their beliefs. In a tantric massage, the energy that will be released in the session will be the proof that this works. It is beyond words.

Tantric massage is a developing industry. It is much needed in this world because of how polluted the sex industry has become and how much burden it puts on both men and women to act or be a certain way during sexual interactions. Tantra massage is about being authentic and it is not about performance, it is not about being hot and sexy and it’s definitely not about sexual perversions and fixations.

Tantra massage is not a sexual service. A true tantra massage is where the clients stays passive and there is no sexual intercourse or oral sex. Please be aware of people offering sex with tantra massage. They are not real tantra massage therapists. They are sex workers trying to sell Tantra as its become very popular and trendy.

I hope this article gave you a little picture of what tantric massage is about and the wonderful benefits! If you are interested in booking a tantra massage session with me, please give me a call on + 491 152 28321111.

Much love and blessings,


Tantra Massage in Berlin by Tashi
Tantra Massage Berlin


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