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Tantra Massage is a holistic bodywork

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Tantra massage is a holistic bodywork done by Tashi in Berlin

Tantra Massage is a holistic bodywork and sensual form of bodywork that originated from ancient Indian traditions. It combines elements of meditation, energy work, and physical touch to create a deeply relaxing and transformative experience. Tantra massage focuses on awakening and channeling sexual energy throughout the body, promoting a sense of connection, relaxation, and heightened awareness.

During a tantra massage session, the environment is typically set to create a soothing and sacred space. Soft lighting, calming music, and aromatic scents may be used to enhance the overall ambiance. The massage practitioner, often referred to as a tantra masseur or masseuse, will begin by guiding the recipient to relax and become present in their body.

How Tantra Massage is a holistic bodywork explained further

The massage itself involves slow, deliberate movements that encompass the entire body, including the erogenous zones. Unlike traditional massage techniques that primarily target muscle tension, tantra massage aims to awaken and distribute the sexual energy throughout the body, promoting a sense of bliss, harmony, and spiritual connection.

Breathwork and meditation are commonly incorporated into tantra massage sessions to deepen the relaxation and foster a deeper connection between the giver and receiver. The practitioner may also utilize various techniques such as gentle strokes, light touches, and feather-like caresses to stimulate the senses and awaken the body's energy centers.

It is important to note that tantra massage is not solely focused on sexual gratification or orgasmic release. Instead, it seeks to expand awareness and create a profound sense of intimacy within oneself and with the masseur/masseuse. The goal is to promote self-discovery, emotional healing, and spiritual growth through the sensual experience.

Communication and consent play a vital role in tantra massage. Both the giver and receiver should establish clear boundaries and openly express their desires, comfort levels, and any specific intentions for the session. Trust, respect, and mutual understanding are essential for a safe and fulfilling tantra massage experience.

If you are considering receiving a tantra massage, it is recommended to seek out a reputable and experienced tantra practitioner who operates within ethical guidelines. They can provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring the transformative potential of tantra massage.

Please call Tashi today to receive a beautiful and holistic Tantra Massage.

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