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Tantra Massage Therapy Berlin

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Tantra Massage Therapy has become an incredibly popular massage modality with many people offering it in Berlin. Tantra Massage Therapy must be done by a practitioner who has studied Tantra Massage and other forms of massage in order for it to be holistic.

When looking for a tantra massage therapist, I would recommend to look for someone who knows about the ancient inner-sciences of India such as Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda.

At Tashi’s Tantra Massage in Berlin, my Tantra massage therapy and my Tantra massage therapists offer a massage that is based upon the ancient inner-science of Tantra. I have been a tantric practitioner for 9 years working with Tantric masters from India and Tibet and have studied many different modalities of massage and Yoga. My therapists too, have been through long tantra massage training and are equipped with knowledge from Yoga.

In this article you will learn what a true Tantra Massage is, it’s healing ability and the amazingly strong benefits of receiving a Tantra massage.

Tantra Massage Therapy Berlin is Great Energy Healing

In todays chaotic world, more and more people are turning to Tantra massage. The modern world and the stress of daily life has overburdened us with many health problems related to stress, unhealthy lifestyles, improper work/life balance and environmental toxins. All of this has a profound effect on our energetic system and our overall health.

Mental and emotional problems can pile up too. Depression, anxiety, high levels of demand from work and our families can pull the human spirit down and can lead a person to becoming disconnected from their own bodies. These heavy emotions lead to energetic blockages which are coming from the unconscious, subconscious and the conscious mind. As some are unconscious or in the subconscious, they can be hard to feel or see until they manifest themselves into a physical, mental/emotional and/or spiritual problems.

In order to be fully functioning well on all levels, we must work on our Energetic Body and address the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. In Yoga, this is known as our Gross, Subtle (Astral) and Casual Bodies. You can read about more about this on a post on Facebook I wrote a few years ago.

In Tibetan Yoga it is believed that we are actually all made of Clear Light. . Unfortunately, in this world and with the stresses we encounter on a daily basis, we develop something called Kleshas. These kleshas cloud our 3 major energy channels in our bodies and create blockages.

Below you can see a picture of the 3 Main Energy Lines in the Body according to Tibetan Medicine and Yoga

Tantra Massage Therapy Berlin and the 3 main energy channels in the body
3 main energy channels in body

The right side energy channel when clouded can become filled with Anger, the Left side channel when clouded by can get filled with ignorance and the middle channel when clouded can become filled with attachment.

By doing, 9 fold Naljor Klesha 9 fold breath, we can clear away these blockages. At the beginning of our Tantra massage session, we can do this together. This 9 fold breath can remove blockages in your gross, subtle and casual body. The tantra massage that I do further releases blockages in your channels by me chanting secret mantras and touching it is a way- where your mind begins to let things flow smoothly through your body.

In Tantra massage, we remember that we are not just our complaints, our pain and physical bodies but beings who are wonderfully complex and who can achieve extraordinary potential when we tap into our energetic system and uplift our spirits.

How is my Tantra Massage Therapy is performed in Berlin

The Tantra Massage Therapy I offer in Berlin is a holistic and energetic bodywork that works on your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual bodies.

  • At the beginning of the Tantra Massage, I connect to the Goddesses which is going to help me throughout the session. I lay my hands upon you and become attuned to your body. I start praying on the major chakras of your body and through, the synergy between our energetic bodies become connected.

  • I build up energy within myself and am able to control it as well build up the energy and guide the energy inside of you. This is very important as it allows the tantra massage to have a very specific flow and the energy to be intact.

  • I work along the main energy channels and the main energy centres called chakras- I am able to purify, cleanse and harmonise the energies which have been running wild and are not in balance. I do this by chanting mantras over your body silently.

  • Once the body is clean and opened during the massage, then the tantra massage begins to become more sensual and the senses are ignited. This part is the Neo- Tantra healing modality where long, slow massage strokes are given to completely relax the body.

  • Once the senses are aroused while the body is completely relaxed, I am able to move the energy to the natural flow of the body in a very specific way to create bliss everywhere. This bliss can be experienced in many different ways- Physically as a full body orgasm, mentally as peace, emotionally as a release or spiritually as an important insight.

All of this can have an extremely therapeutic effect on people and can remove many blockages. It can restore your body to feel young, strong and full of vigour again. Tantra Massage can have many benefits that can go way beyond what happens in a single session with me. If taken seriously, these effects can be implemented in your daily life and you can have a small spiritual awakening. You will understand how important it is for you to have this deep reset like this many times.

Tantra Massage can clear away the junk that you don’t need and may not even belong to you. As humans, we pick up energy from everywhere: your closes ones, the street and even the media. Releasing these things will be a complete overhaul for your being and give yourself a chance to heal. You can leave after your tantra massage therapy session in Berlin feeling completely refreshed, happy and confident again!

The 4 main Benefits of Tantra Massage Therapy Berlin

Tantra Massage Therapy Berlin has become a recognised massage modality for both tourists and locals living in Berlin. The benefits of getting a tantra massage therapy in Berlin can go way past the actual massage session.

Please read below for the 3 Main benefits of Tantra Massage therapy in Berlin

Benefit 1: Blockages are Removed and Deep Healing Occurs

As mentioned before we develop Kleshas ( mental afflictions which clog our energy channels) by having attachement, aversion, ignorance, pride and jealousy in our lives ( also known as the have poisons). Everyone has energy blockages so doing Tantra massage and Yoga regularly we can release these Kleshas and become aware of how our emotions block our energetic bodies. Once they are gone, you will feel immediately lighter and feel more at peace. Many common complaints such as pain, depression, anxiety and disease can be solved by going into deep relaxation by receiving a tantra massage therapy in Berlin.

Benefit 2: Sexual dysfunctions are alleviated

Sexual dysfunctions can be caused either by having a blockage in our sexual energy due to shame, pain or trauma. On the other side, there can energy blockages from people who have overused their sexual energy in an unhealthy way. Porn and having too many partners can result in overusing sexual energy.

At Tashi’s Tantra Massage in Berlin, I address both these issue. My tantra massage deals with your sexual energy to bring it back into harmony and balance. Our sexual energy is the energy that revitalises our whole bodies ( this is a basic principle of Tantra) so we must protect it and use our sexual energy in healthy way in order to be healthy overall.

Sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejactulation and frigidity can be overcome during tantra massage by you feeling comfortable to explore your body and sexuality with my me or one of tantra therapists.

Benefit 3: Full Body Orgasms

Learning how to embody yourself into all your sexual experiences is a great benefit of Tantra massage! Contrary to what we learn through society, having sex does not have to lead with brief pleasure and a big bang at the end. Many people during sex nowadays are racing towards the end to received the final release. In Tantra, when a man ejaculated he loses 40% of his energy, in woman we lose our energy when we bleed monthly- this is how the prana leaves our bodies.

By learning how to have your whole body become an erogenous zone and not only your groin area- you can enjoy your whole body in a blissful and ecstatic state. Tantra Massage brings the sexual energy up and down many times during the session, this way you can feel waves of pleasure rising and falling during the whole session.

Learning to be patient with in the Tantra massage will also help you learn how not to get into bad sexual practice with your partners. Intimacy and sex does not have to be a race or a contest. By holding back on having an orgasm on the first time that you are felling to, the energy with the help of the tantra massage therapist can be spread to other parts of your body. This can result in what we call a full body orgasm.

Benefit 4: Feeling Good in your Body and your Mind

Tantra massage is not only a great way to learn about your sexuality but also an amazing way to reach joy and fulfilment in your life. The mind becomes free after all the energy blockages are removed, your nervous system becomes relaxed, your mind can be full of peace and you experienced your first full body orgasm! What an accomplishment!

Learning how to be a fully embodied sexual being in a healthy holistic way brings back so much confidence to people. They no longer feel ashamed of having either too much or too little sexual energy.

In tantra massage sessions, the therapist should be open and understanding where you feel you can be heard and understood. This is the first step to healing. Secondly, they must know what they are doing and have an understanding of the energetic body. Third, they must know about massage and how to touch the body correctly during the tantra massage. Finally, I highly recommend that you find a tantra massage therapist who knows about the real tantra and not just tantra massage.

Booking a Tantra Massage Therapy session with me :)

If you are here in Berlin, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on +49 152 28321111. I also have 2 wonderful Tantra massage therapists available to work too.

I mostly provide outcall tantra massage to hotels and homes in Berlin. If you are looking for something more private, please read my Incall massage and book a tantra massage at my home in Berlin.



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